Take a Look 3D Touch Feature of New iPhone


When it comes to the feature of 3D on iPhone 6s, you may be amazed with its unique feature. As you know, Apple as the producer of iPhone has wrapped off lots of new devices recently. One of the latest features is the 3D touch. Apple has inserted the feature in iPhone 6S to make it more sophisticated and strong. The entire look of the phone touch is totally different.

Furthermore, the 3D touch feature has come in your way as well. It’s absolutely different with Force Touch that belong to Apple Watch. Otherwise, when it’s compared to Macbook, it’s nothing as the track-pad of Macbook Air is fabulous right now.

The technology inside the 3D touch is absolutely different. Both on the way how it allows the user to interact with the device and the technological level make it more practice for sure. You are able to quickly access right from the icons spread on your phone Home Screen.

Furthermore, as the producer, Apple wants you to assume that the feature is the future multi-touch due to the future phone technology as well. its technology makes everything looks easier for sure. it’s still fresh from the block.

How to use the 3D touch feature

Significantly, some Apple devices which are equipped with 3D touch can sense how much pressure you have been applying to the phone screen. Depending on the number of pressure you have input, your iPhone will automatically react accordingly. The sensor of pressure is moved beyond the common gestures like swiping, tapping and also adds another interaction layer with your phone device.

The feature was designed to make the movng around your phone faster, more intelligent and sharper than the previous iPhone generations. with the purpose of partake in all those perfect additions, the 3D touch is only enabled by its default. However, if you want to disable the touch feature, or even enable it only when you need it, you can disable and enable this feature easily. Just go t setting, general accessibility and then choose 3D touch.

Adjusting the sensitivity of 3D touch

Adjusting the sensitivity of 3D touch

When it comes to touch sensitivity, it’s hardly ever a one size will fit in any kind of situation. If you have a problem with disable to engage or even engaging the 3D touch accidentally, then you are able to adjust the touch sensitivity setting as you wish.

Just go to the setting app and then general, accessibility and 3D touch. you are going to look as the 3D touch sensitivity section afterward. Adjust the touch slider based on your preference and then test the changes after that.

As you know, Home Screen is the main part of your device. The 3D Touch Quick Actions will allow you to do anything especially what you do frequently without too much taps and also faster. Many of those actions actually can be done just with a single touch from the Home Screen as well. supplied applications like Messages, Phone, Maps and Camera are all having options of built-in that is used for Quick actions.

To make use the 3D touch, you should press deeply on your preference application such as Camera. It will broach the menu of Quick Actions. Just simply tap on the action you like the most and then it will be launched quickly.

Making use Peek and Pop

Making use Peek and Pop

The feature of Peek and Pop will not only allow you to preview and jump-into mail or messages, but also flight information, links, map locations and many others. Peek and Pop is offering a quick action that can actually be launched on supported applications without opening the application completely.

If the feature of peek is already available, it’s going to blur the background and the item of action or even highlight the link. The feature of 3D touch is perhaps most precious with the function of Peek and Pop.

Switching application with 3D touch

Switching between applications along with opening the Application Switcher now can easily be done with 3D touch. Press on the screen left side to bring up the Application Switcher. Switch the previous application back and forth, and then press on the screen left side and then drag it to the right side as well.

Turning your iPhone keyboard into a track-pad using 3D touch

Making mistake when typing a sentence should not be a big problem. But when it comes to iPhone, choosing a word to delete or change is more than a nuisance as well. thank to the existence of the newest feature of touch which is helpful to solve this issue.

Instead of making use cumbersome magnifier, you can actually turn the keyboard feature into a track-pad to provide easier text selection for sure. to enable this feature, press the keyboard firmly. It will automatically change your keyboard into a track-pad easily.

Capturing a Live Photo

Capturing a Live Photo is actually the similar method as capturing some regular photos. All you need to do is making certain the Live icon is highlighted before taking your photo. As you know, Live Photos could be one of the most talked features when it comes to new iPhone debut.

This application works by storing and saving not only the photo you have just captured, but also capturing the 1.5 seconds before and also 1.5 seconds after you tapped the camera shutter. With 3D touch you can also animate and view the Live Photo. Launch the camera application and then find the Live Photo application. It will slightly animate when you scroll through the photos. push down the photo to make it live. If you have sound video, it also can be played.

Moving or deleting application without enabling the 3D touch

Now that the Home Screen is incorporated with 3D touch, you can press and hold the apps icon to fastening deletion. It’s such an easy way to remove apps. To avoid triggering Quick Actions when you delete the apps, you should hold your finger right on the app and then bring the deletion toggle up. In fact, you don’t need to press it anymore. Nonetheless, the old method is still working on Folders as well.

Breathtaking iPhone Screen Repair Tips


When you dropped your iPhone to the ground, you may find that the screen is shattered or cracked. At this time, your option will really depend on the version of your iPhone and kinds of protection plans you want to take for your phone.

Of course, you will need to spend less amount of money to repair your phone without negotiating on the quality. For example, you may be able to take it to your local repair shop and paying around $60 less than what Apple would obviously charge.

However, the local shop might do a careless job that can cost you way cheaper. Through this post, we’ve been trying to list out some different ways to get your screen replaced as well as the different prices for every option.

Apple repair center


The best alternative to get your iPhone fixed is by bringing it to Apple repair center or retail store. How about the price then? In fact, it depends. If you’ve got AppleCare+ inside your phones, then it would be more inexpensive. Otherwise, if you don’t have any, repairing your phone screen will cost you much.

The AppleCare+ is positively not free, but it’s absolutely worth the cost since it will protect your phone up to two years. Furthermore, by having AppleCare+, you will be able to request a replacement phone using Express Replacement Service with no charge. Without having the AppleCare, you will be charged for about $29 for the phone replacement.

In addition, you are going to notice that the website of Apple is only listing up to iPhone 5 and not before that type. This all because the iPhone 3Gs, 4 and 4s will be out of warranty repairs and actually depend on whether they have the phone parts or not for these phones.

Those high prices especially for older phones, but that’s all because they have a small amount of parts since they are not mass produced anymore. On the other hand, if you have got those older phones unlocked by your carrier, then they will worth importantly more and also can be used internationally especially when you are travelling around. Therefore, the cost may be worth it.

Authorized third-party service provider


The next best option could be using an authorized third-party repair center. To be an authorized service provider, the company should stick on to some tight requirements and all phone parts are genuine from Apple.

In addition, you are going to charge more than a local shop that using an authorized service provider. However, you are able to be guaranteed the parts are expensive and legit knockoffs. If you’re still confusing the authorized providers, you can search for it right from the Apple’s official website. Type your zip code or address, choose the type of iPhone you have and then choose your own carrier. Click  the Go button afterward.

Most of listings available in Apple’s website will only show Apple Stores within your area, but not the authorized provider ones.

Online and local repair shops


If those options above are expensive, the best option would be bringing it into your online or local repair shop. As you are going find the cheaper option rather than those expensive alternatives, you should try to look for the best one.  just keep in mind that when it comes a repair shop, there will be some options also available.

It’s highly recommended to go with some Apple repair companies at first due to their supreme warranties. In addition, if you find something wrong with your phone after getting repaired, thus, you are able to fix it anywhere as long as it’s in the same country.

Nevertheless, if you consider repairing your iPhone online, you could go for iresq.com.au. They are basically working with local technicians who they hire as sales partners. What’s great is that you will have a lifetime warranty on any kind of phone repair, so that if any issues appear after repair, you will be ale to get it fixed again without any cost.

For your information, they doe background checks on all phone technicians and also using certified parts. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about these problems at all. Moreover, you can decide where the phone repair is going to happen, so that it could be at your homes, your office or even your local coffee shop if you wish.

They have a year of most repairs warranty. The prices are quite affordable and you get your phone repair done that actually has have the warranty, therefore you will be able to get the same repairs as many times you wish.

Iresq, online repair site is located in Sydney has a great pricing on screen repairs of iPad. In addition, they have repair center, therefore if you feel more comfortable to walk into a repair store and talking with some phone technicians, then those guys are just perfect choice.

The biggest problem here is those listings have any ratings as it’s difficult to differentiate between the bad and the good. It’s important for a company to have a website which is professional looking. It would be so much better to go to physical phone store location since there will a place to go if you are not satisfied with the phone repair.

What’s New iOS 9

Everything that apple put on schedule for release will always be hype for everybody in tech world. Start with the new iphone 6 which is remarkable for one of the signature change of the new era of apple devices, then the other product that released right after it.


All of them always become the most anticipated things in terms of technology. This also goes the same for the new operating system that apple released recently, the iOS 9. This iOS programmed with some performance fix based on the performance of the last operating system which is the iOS 8.

Based on some report and field research that Apple did before, they made some changes that they say to be far better compare to the iOS 8.

But, what’s new iOS 9?

Basically this question can be answered by looking at the new features, new performances, and some tricks that we can do using the new iOS 9. Here are some best upgrade performances that Apple has made for the new iOS 9.

Better Battery Performance


What’s new iOS 9?

The simple answer should be a better battery performance. As we know that battery life is the most important thing if we want to talk about the performance. Apple claimed that they have made a more efficient improvement for the entire operating system for this iOS9.

Making this work by using the ambient light and also the proximity sensor to control the brightness of your Apple devices is one of the best ways to do it, remember that we do not have to keep our screen turn on and off all the time to control the brightness based on what we need.

They claimed that this improvement give your battery a one hour additional life. There is also another feature which is Low Power Mode; this will also help to increase your battery life by limiting your network activity. There some other features that have the purpose of making the battery performance to be better, the battery usage details allows you to get the information of which application that drain your battery life the most.

There is also a battery widget on the Today tab Notification that shows you not only the percentage of your device battery, but also other devices that connected via Bluetooth to your devices like smart watch, Bluetooth headset or speaker, etc.

Back to App


What’s new iOS 9?

Apple really wants to put the efficiency as one of the definition of the new iOS 9. Back to App feature is one of the thing that is really helpful for you who are very active in terms of application usage. This feature allows you to turn back to your last app that you opened after you finish with the new one.

This feature really helpful, for example like this, you are in the middle of browsing on the web to look for something new, but then your friend send you an email that you really need to reply at that moment. Once you finish replying the email all you need to do just tap on the back to web on the top-left corner of your screen to immediately go back to your last browsing page and continue your browsing activity.

Apple users find it very useful, especially for those who are very active to check out all of their social media notification and still want to do the productive messaging activity during the time. This will prevent you to push the home button or swipe the screen to access your last apps, as the result, is the better apps usage experience.

Quick Reply


This feature allows you to reply some message that come from message apps, Whatsapp, and BBM. All you need to do just swipe down the apps notification then immediately ignore or answer the text without closing the latest apps that you are opening. Some app developers still need to adjust this new feature of iOS 9.

Some apps also allow you to reply some comments on certain social media apps. This make Apple’s intention to make better apps usage efficiency improvescompare to the last operating system truly happen.

Maps App


Apple realize that they map app is so bad until the founder himself suggested people that use Apple devices to install third party map app for their mapping activity.

For this iOS 9, Apple has made certain fix due to the accuration of the map itself and added some new features that will give people a better experience in using the maps app. The huge improvement is by adding the new mass transit information that is very detailed.

Not only the route but also the schedule of each mass transit will be available in every big city inside the maps app, this will help Apple map to stand strong in terms of competition against the other competitor like Google Maps.

The best thing about this feature is that you can safe more time by using the flyover mode that allows you to figure out the entrance to each center. This will help those people who are in the middle of urgent situation and need the quick access.

Security Options


What’s new iOS9?

It is a better security for your Apple devices. Yes indeed, that the last operating system only allow you to put 4 digit code to lock down your screen, iOS 9 extend the number until 6. So now you have the option to put 6 digit numbers for your code or you can stay with the 4 digit numbers.

The use of Touch ID also extended to the Safari apps; this will prevent people that want to get the password from it. For now, this Touch ID feature only available for Safari, but Apple said that they will make it available for other applications in the next upgrade of the iOS 9.

New Wallpaper and Other New Features


Once you upgrade to iOS 9 you will also get some new wallpaper pictures that will at least replacing the old wallpaper sets. Some people will love this new change in this new operating system, since some of the wallpaper that exists in the latest iOS has been outdated.

Well, in order to get the very understanding of that question, you need to explore all the new features inside the iOS 9, since there are too many features that we cannot explain all of them in here.